Our Organization Members Advisory Council includes representatives from business, academia, and the not-for-profit sector. Together, these members help steer our priorities and help us figure out the best way to build a better Internet. The more diverse voices we have, the more effective we’ll be when it comes to influencing policy and promoting best practices. Your membership is critical to accomplishing these goals.

How we can help your organization

Through frequent Member Briefings and other publications, we’ll keep you informed about Internet policy, technical, and development issues that impact your business and the market at large.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with us to address the critical issues impacting the general welfare and effectiveness of the global Internet.

Competitive advantage
We’ll help you stay ahead of new technology trends to assist you in growing your business.

Your membership enables you to expand your global network of contacts with respected industry leaders, top-level policy makers, scientists, and engineers, and to establish new partnerships and opportunities.

How your organization can help us

Education and training
Your membership supports our education and training efforts around the world, enabling more people to take advantage of the economic and social benefits of the Internet.

Spreading the word
Support us in helping governments and private entities to understand the effects of communication technology on society.

Standards and protocols
As a global technology-based organization, we’re helping to lead the development of Internet standards and protocols, and your organization can be a part of that.

Making a difference
Your support helps us run a number of programmes on the ground in developing countries, making a difference to the evolution of the Internet and the lives of people around the world.