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Why we’re asking for support

Global Movement

We champion an open Internet for all.

Our community works on projects around the world through more than 100 chapters, interest groups and online collaboration.


Offering Hope

We stand for an Internet that brings opportunity.

An Internet that can build a business from a spark of an idea, educate the most remote communities, protect human rights and drive economic and social development.


Making a Difference

We fund projects, offer grants and fellowship opportunities globally.

Our actions help break down barriers, drive inclusivity, promote open standards and connect the unconnected.


Future of the Internet

We shape the future, together.

You can help preserve the foundations on which the Internet was built and join us in keeping it open, global and available to all.

Why join

Collaboration & Networking

Expand your global network, interact and learn from people who are using technology to improve lives, create new businesses or policies that will define the Internet of tomorrow.


Information & personalized content

Members have the option to join local chapters, online discussion groups, receive email alerts, event invitations and news updates on issues that are most important to them.


Impact the world around you

The Internet Society supports members in creating and funding projects that will help whole communities benefit from the opportunities the Internet can bring.


Apply for fellowships & grants

Members can apply for fellowships and grant opportunities to attend some of the Internet’s most important events.