Afchix Day Three Training

On Wednesday 12th of July 2017 marks the third day of the AFNOG-CHIX training for young women. The day as usual also starts at 9:20 am with presentations. It was a very busy day and full of practical exercises. All the presentations for this day were only practical exercises.

Mrs. Anna Saine facilitated the first exercise on TCP/IP Network Essentials which was a very interactive exercise as it enabled participants to go through Layers, TCP/IP model, IP Addresses and Subnetting.

That was followed by a 25 minutes Tea Break from 11:30am to 11:55.

After the tea break Anna continued her presentation with other exercises such as System Administration and IP services and also TCP/IP Networking.

After a long exercise with Anna, Mr. Marcus K.G Adomey also stepped in for another presentation on DNS and BIND. Here he introduced the concept of DNS and BIND to participants as well as the description and operation of DNS. Exercise where given on how to go about setting up DNS servers and their configurations, and designing network infrastructure with DNS system. The presentation went on till lunch and prayer break; then after lunch he continued the presentation on interactive exercises on DNS. After a long presentation, Anna stepped in again to help him continue with more exercises on DNS.

The day was indeed a very intensive and hands on deck practical exercises. After all the exercises, the session for the day closed at 6:30pm.

Afchix Day Two Training

The second day of AFCHIX on Tuesday 11th of July 2017 was also a very interesting day as participants interacted with trainers on very important topics.

The days activities started at 9:00am with a recap of day one where participants reflects on topics treated on the first day such as the basics of UNIX as well as file security which was facilitated by Mr. Marcus K.G Adomey. This recap being so interactive went up to 11:30am.

The recap was followed by 30 minutes Tea Break after which Mr. Muhammed Faye started a presentation by facilitated a very interactive exercise on UNIX. This exercise went through to lunch and prayer break from 14:00pm to 14:50pm.

After the lunch break, another interesting presentation was delivered by Esther King and Anna Saine on Editors and scripting respectively. This presentation looked at very important topics such as EE Philosophy, EE Text Commands and Menus as well as Shell Scripting.

Another tea break was observed by all participants between 16:30 and 17:00pm.

The last presentation for the day was made by Mr. Marcus on Free BSD ports and Packages. This presentation introduced participants to Application Installation Methods, Ports, Packages and Application Upgrading.

The session for day two closed at 18:10pm.

Afchix Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the program held on Monday 10th of July was well attended by all participants, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of MoICI and other invited dignitaries.

The opening was chaired by Mr. Alagie Ceesay the Secretary General of ISOC-Gambia Chapter and was started with prayers. After the individual opening prayers, Alagie made the introductory statement by telling the gathering the reasons why we were gathered today. Alagie also thanked the local partners for their support which makes it possible for ISOC-Gambia to provide this important training for Women Engineers free of charge.

Nancy Dotse from Ghana gave a brief description of AFNOG which means (The African Network Operators Group.) According to her AFNOG is not limited as it is meant for both men and women whereas AFCHIX is meant for only women and girls.

The Chairperson of ISOC-Gambia Mr. Bakary Njie made the opening statement. In his statement Mr. Njie thanked partners for being by ISOC from the beginning of planning to this very important day of opening the program. According to Mr. Njie one of the role of ISOC is to facilitate capacity building trainings for people working or developing carriers in the field of ICT. ISOC also advocates for policy reforms and best practices on the Internet Service Provision as well as utility.

He also thanked ISOC committee members for their tireless efforts to ensure this important event is a success.

In conclusion, Mr. Njie thank the main sponsors of this program such as Qcell, PURA, MoICI, AFNOG, AFRINIC, ISOC, and NSRC.

The official opening statement was given by Mr. Malick Johnes the Deputy Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Information Communication and Infrastructure. Mr. Johnes thanked ISOC Gambia Chapter for making it possible for Gambia to host AFCHIX for the very first time and encouraged them to continue working hard in the field of ICT Development. He applauded the idea of organizing such a very important capacity building for Female Engineers in ICT which is a right step in the right direction.

He emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring excellent internet service provision in the Gambia. He also said that MOICI is working on providing support for local base ICT Associations to ensure efficiency and wider participation in ICT.

He finally declared the workshop officially opened.